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Vinyl Revival

Although vinyl records receded into the background for a decade or three, they never went away for collectors. Today, people of all ages are buying vinyl music as it begins to fill stores again. This website is dedicated to everything vinyl: where to buy it, what to buy, how to handle, store and preserve it. The vinyl revival has arrived.

Where to Buy Vinyl

With vinyl well and truly re-established, collectors can now stroll into any mall and buy records on vinyl brand new. Second-hand specialist stores also sell vinyl—always did except the stores dwindled in number. There are fairs, yard sales, auction websites, and niche vendors such as or to peruse.

Collector’s Items

Some people buy records purely for the music and aren’t so interested in what’s collectible. Even so, vinyl records come in different forms. For instance:

  • Original pressings are records cut from original master recordings. As a very general rule, they may sound better as a result. This is especially the case with older records.
  • Re-pressings are records pressed (often soon after the original) to meet popular demand. They should be identical to the original as far as that’s possible.
  • Reissues are usually hallmarked by changes in music (i.e., remastered) and sleeve artwork.
    Promos and bootlegs are promotional or illegitimate releases, respectively. Either can be valuable to collectors.

Vinyl Storage

Vinyl records should be stored away from direct heat or strong light and stacked at 90 degrees on a sturdy shelf. Protective outer PVC sleeves preserve the sleeves of vinyl records. Handle vinyl by the edges and center only.
Welcome to the vinyl revival!

A Short Film About Vinyl


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