Trexler Trails and Trials

Henry and Wiley TREXLER left their home in Rowan County, North Carolina for the Deep South. Henry and Wiley apparently sprang into being in 1810 and 1808 respectively. We find them in the midst of the John Peter TREXLER family who migrated to Rowan County from Pennylvania.

Peter TREXLER moved to Rowan County as early as 1790 and was later joined by his brother Lawrence. Lawrence's family is incompletely documented in John Trexler Warren's book Trexler Family and Related Kin, but little is known of Peter's offspring.

Henry TREXLER married Miss Elizabeth HALSEY in Troup County Georgia in 1832. After an abusive apprenticeship to a blacksmith, Jacob WAGGONER, documented in 1816, Henry forsook kith and kIn and moved to Georgia, eventually locating near his new father-in-law, Benjamin L. HALSEY.

Wiley TREXLER married Judith YARBROUGH, a child abandoned by her parents, in Davidson County, North Carolina in October of 1829. Wiley left for Tipton County, Tennessee and was found living near his YARBROUGH relatives in 1830. The brothers united in Marshall County, Mississippi and thence moved together to Cross and Crittenden Counties in Arkansas. Both brothers died during the Civil War.

Currently we have about 140 Trexlers on our site and are adding to the history monthly. With a pile of documents and deeds from Rowan County to enter, you can expect the list to grow in the coming months.

You'll also find the related families of McClendon, Brown and Webber as well as a host of folks from Chambers County, Alabama and NE Arkansas. Click on the Surname List to see all the surnames gathered so far in our research. We've attempted to document most of our research here as well as include many notes as to our sources and conclusions. Family histories are wonderful starting points, but they offer little but clues without primary source documentation. Unfortunately, The Trexler Family and Related Kin offers no source documentation.

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